Institute of Bible Teaching

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Equipping and Inspiring men and women for bible teaching ministries

Online Application for Admission


All sections of this form must be completed, unless otherwise indicated. Applications will be processed after all information required had been submitted. Where possible please attach any additional documentation.

Personal Information


Christian Experience
Occupational Experience

Give details of current and previous employment: start with your recent employment.

Current church Involvement

If you hold or held a position of leadership in the church please specify:


Give complete address in each case. It is customary to ask one’s referees permission to name them. A referee should know the applicant well, but may not be a family member.

One referee must be a Pastor of your local church. If you are unable to give a pastor as referee, please explain on a separate paper. In addition if applicable you may be requested to obtain testimonials from an employer, school or para-church organization.


Name and contact details of your medical practitioner


Any other comments that may help the Institute in considering your application. Use the space provided below

Conditions of Acceptance

I here by certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the foregoing information is correct. I understand that I may be required to present myself for an interview by the Institute at my own expense. I understand that acceptance by the Institute of Bible Teaching is subject to the final approval by the Director or Principal. Should my application for training be successful I would be willing to comply with the regulations of the Institute of Bible Teaching, submitting myself to the discipline of the college to the duration of my training. Should I be enrolled at the Institute of Bible Teaching I undertake to the best of my ability and by the grace of God to conduct myself in a manner worthy of the Lord, so that my conduct and behaviour do not compromise my Christian testimony or bring the witness of the Institute of Bible teaching into disrepute.