The IBT Course is a year long Bible training program designed to equip and inspire men and women with practical skills of correctly handling the Bible with integrity and faithfulness.

IBT welcomes any Christian involved in Gospel ministry. We encourage a deeper understanding of the Bible and train our students to teach it faithfully. IBT is a great foundation for further theological training as well as a huge value-add to those who already have it.

Available Learning Options

Full time


Part Time Classes



Face Classes



Evening Classes


Monday - Wednesday

8 AM -1 PM


Monday - Thursday

5:30 PM- 7:30 PM


Women Serving Christ

8 AM - 12 PM

Term Dates

First Term

16 February 2020


15 April 2020

Second Term

11 May 2020


5 August 2020

Third Term

7 September 2020


18 November 2020

Course Modules

Bible Overview

Tracing major themes through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation to understand how the whole Bible fits together

Grasping God’s Word

Learning and practicing key skills for the understanding, interpreting and applying God’s Word to contemporary Zimbabwe.

A Faith to Live By

Understanding and applying topics in systematic Theology including the Gospel, Salvation, Holy Spirit and the Bible.

Engaging with God’s World

Understanding how to use the Bible for worldview apologetics and ethical issues; including suffering, ATR and HIV/AIDS.

Christian Leadership and Ministry

Developing skills to be a leader of God’s people including spiritual development, mission, the practical and cultural aspects of ministry and leadership skills.

Preaching and Communication

Learning and practicing how to communicate God’s word faithfully and effectively.

Women Serving Christ

In addition to the IBT programme, there is a
special programme geared toward women
ministry designed for Christian Ladies.

correctly handling the word of truth

raising faithful bible teachers